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Jayne Hancock


Jayne began taking dance classes in Youngstown, Ohio in 1959 at almost 3. Her Aunt Flo opened a small studio and had been training in the "Al Gilbert" method of teaching Tap Dance (Al is still the "voice" of tap at TJ Dance) Then came the early 60s and most of Jayne's family moved to the San Fernando Valley in California. Aunt Flo opened another studio so Jayne's dance training hardly missed a beat! Throughout her many years of dancing, Jayne was lucky enough to dance with Al Gilbert, Luigi and other local teachers that became legends (in Hollywood). Debbie Reynolds would often stop by and observe classes looking for local talent for her "Debbie Reynolds Show". In the mid 60s, Jayne often attended the summer workshops known as "Dance Caravan" with teachers Betty & Danny Hoctor, Mallory Graham and Kit Andree. Luigi often taught at the "Caravans" also. "It was so fun to spend the day in a huge ballroom full of dancers, changing teachers and dance styles every hour. During our lunch breaks, we would walk the Santa Monica Pier and love being on our own at the beach!" Jayne remembers. After high school, Jayne attended two colleges and soon after became a wife and mother. By the time Jayne's second son was born, Jayne REALLY started to miss dancing! In 1984 she got out her old "Al Gilbert Tap Exercise" LPs and her Luigi Warm Up album and started practicing on the porch! A dance studio was in the making!

Jayne has been so lucky to continue learning with so many "GREATS"... The classic hoofers! Brenda Buffalino, Arthur Duncan (from Lawrence Welk) Jerry Aimes, Sam Webber, Cholly Atlins (a Motown Choreographer) Lynn Daley, Diane Walker (from the movie "TAP") Savion Glover (remember when he was on Sesame Street?) and even Gregory Hines, who Jayne still quotes to all the boys and men interested in dance, but hesitant to give it a try - Gregory always said "It's the place to meet all the girls! You will be surrounded by them!" Jayne credits "Johnson and Peters", a Dancing Duo that have their own studio in Seattle (originally with Shirley Jenkins on Capitol Hill) for regenerating and energizing TAP in the Northwest!

Jayne is truly thankful that she has had such wonderful family support over the years, as well as friends and the community. TJ Dance has always had one main goal. "To instill a love of dance in every dancer". When former students return or bring their kids back to our studio to dance, Jayne feels we've done our job. At TJ Dance - It matters less how "well" you dance and more how much you "love" to dance! We work endlessly on technique, but each dancer has their own style and each dancer has their own level of "natural ability". Jayne also believes in keeping dancers strong and flexible because she truly believes that strength is grace! "Dance" expresses what we are from the inside - out. Our energy, our body's rhythms, our emotions - It's all a part of us and of "dance"!

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Peg Burnside


Thanks to her Mom, Lorraine, Peg began dancing at age 3 with Rosemary's Academy of Ballet in Richland, WA. She studied ballet, character and later pointe until the age of 15. She also attended summer classes at The Novikov Ballet School and Lois Rathvons Dance Studio. In high school, Peg used her dance training in cheer, drill and the gymnastics team. In the summer between her Jr. & Sr. year, Peg taught dance to Head Start Preschoolers. Peg moved to Seattle in 1969 and while attending the University of Washington, took ballet classes with Hannah Wiley (classes were at 7:30AM!) She then took a few years off from dance training to raise a family.

Music and Dance were always, and continue to be, a big presence in her home.

Peg joined Jayne at TJ Dance in 1989 to teach a few ballet classes and to learn tap dancing from Jayne. The rest is history! Jayne and Peg are "TJ Dance"! Peg continues to study dance by taking class in ballet at Pacific Northwest Ballet School Eastside, jazz classes and tap workshops locally.

Peg believes in teaching the love of dance and learning an appreciation for classical music, along with the fundamentals. Dancing should be a joy!

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Aariel Hall


I'm 25 years old, born in Duvall, WA and love art. I graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology with a BFA in 2012 and am currently living in Redmond and working at the Good Mood Creators doing art for Video Games. I've been dancing and drawing since I could walk. I love many different styles of dance and music and I hope to bring something fun and new to the table at TJ Dance with Modern and Funk Modern.

TJ Dance adds: How wonderful to have Aariel back dancing and teaching with us! She is truly a beautiful, talented and creative young lady! We are lucky to have her!


Nyree Krikorian


Nyree was born in Baghdad of Armenian parents. She was exposed to Arabic music and dance all of her life from all areas of the Middle East. As soon as she could walk, Nyree was dancing in all styles of the region, not just "belly dancing". However, her favorite has always been the Egyptian style of music and dancing.

Nyree immigrated to the United States when she was 15. At age 19 she decided to take a class in belly dancing from an American teacher. She enjoyed the class but realized she could teach a more authentic representation of "Belly Dance" and hopefully create an appreciation for "True Middle Eastern Dance"! Soon Nyree was dancing professionally and teaching. She also continued to take classes herself from the masters of bellydance. One of her favorite memories is teaching "belly fitness" classes at a "Women Only" health club in California. She also organized and taught her own community workshops.

Nyree believes that every woman, regardless of age, body shape or size, can do this form of dancing. It is an ancient dance form that is safe as long as one "listens" to her body and never tries to do anything that doesn't feel good. She stresses fun and feeling for the music in her classes rather than technique. Her greatest reward is seeing her dancers have a breakthrough in their self-expression, allowing the music to move their bodies free of concerns about "doing it right."

Nyree believes that we are all students and teachers. She continues to take classes herself and learns from every dancer she encounters. Her classes provide the safe, non-judgemental environment necessary for students to be "open" to learning this beautiful cultural artform.

Ladies, whether your goal is to get in shape, stay in shape, have fun, or have a breakthrough in your self expression, this class is for you!

TJ Dance adds: Jayne and Peg found a treasure when Nyree found the studio. Nyree is truly a natural born and gifted dancer.  Luckily for us, she has learned to teach Middle Eastern Dance too!  To Nyree dancing is a natural gift she delights in having.  Often that makes sharing that gift (as in teaching it) much harder!   Nyree has done a wonderful job and more!  We truly feel we have a reat gift having Nyree on our teaching staff!

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Chelsea Lindemulder


Chelsea, Jayne's daughter, was born into the studio. Her due date was actually recital day June 20, 1992! Luckily she waited 10 days though to make her appearance :-) Dance has been a part of her life for 25 years now. She loves all forms of dance and has danced with all of us here at the studio and at many workshops all over the Seattle area throughout her life. Chelsea is a Kidney Dialysis Technician at the Puget Sound Kidney Center. She also often steps in when we need a sub. You'll probably see plenty of her around the studio and even more of her on picture day and backstage during recitals.  :-)

Margie Terry


Oh No! While updating the website pictures... I actually accidently erased Margie's Bio...  I will find it and repost!  But you probably ALL know Margie keeps us running smoothly as our wonderful office manager and bookkeeper.  She does so many things there are to many too mention on the fly...  You can find her in the office on Tuesday evening.  She is an amazing friend and we all LOVE her!  Updated bio coming soon!